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Bike Fest Oz 2023

07.06.2023 - 11.06.2023

The Tweed and Gold Coasts, and their respective hinterlands, really are some of Australia’s premier motorcycle playgrounds, with some fantastic rides and other adventures on offer, pretty much everywhere you roam. From the twisty run up to the majestic views over the coastline at Cape Byron, to the natural forest wonderland of Mt Tambourine, west of the Gold Coast, there is so much choice for visiting riders and tourists in general. And the countryside can change so quickly sometimes that, almost without noticing, you’ll go from flat cane fields, to the spectacular mountain ranges straddling the NSW/Qld border, taking in majestic Mt Warning to the south, up to Mt Tambourine in the north. And along the way your eyes will be in wonder at your surroundings, while your taste buds will be in meltdown at all the treats that await in the many small towns, villages, restaurants, cafes and pubs along the way. And for trail and adventure bike riders, there are plenty of non-sealed diversions to keep you occupied. But if you tire of saddle time, or just want to give the bike a break, why not grab a towel and head down to any one of countless beautiful beaches along the coast. Or you might want to grab a rod and try your luck on the tailor, salmon or even kingfish that lurk so close to shore that you can almost reach out and touch them! If old man river is more your style, you can take any number of river cruises, book time on a houseboat or see if you can catch an 80cm flathead or muscular bream for dinner.

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