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13 Days Guided Motorbike Expedition to the Ladakh, India


from US$363 Price for: 1 person 13 days / 12 nights See Details

11 Days Guided Trans Himalayan Motorcycle Tour India


· 6 from US$1,440 Limited availability Price for: 1 person 11 days / 10 nights See Details


12.06.2020 - 27.06.2020

The proud Himalayas hide within their folds the mesmerizing lands of Ladakh and Zanskar. There cannot be a better way to explore heaven than to traverse through this beautiful region on a LEH Ladakh bike trip. While the terrain can be treacherous, with safety measures of the highest standards in place a pleasurable experience awaits you. The charming locals, the Tibetan Buddhists, with their ready smiles are a happy lot to interact with. The lineups of beautiful monasteries and temples that dot this region are a sight to behold, emanating both calm and inner peace. Biking through the arid canyons, deep valleys, snow capped mountain ranges, verdant greens and beautiful lakes, breathing in the fresh mountain air, exploring the flora and fauna is a thrilling experience.

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