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The White Hart. to Biggin Hill Airport.


Starting from: The White Hart., Rochester Rd. Cuxton, Rochester. ME2 1AD Going to: Biggin Hill Airport., Biggin Hill Airport. Maitland View, Westerham. TN16 3BW. This is a Medway branch ride out. The pace of the ride will be: Slow and steady, no rush The type of bikes it is suited to are: All types of bike The type of roads being ridden along: Mainly A roads and B roads What weather will it go ahead in: Not running if raining The ride out will last approximately 4 hours. Anyone is welcome to come along on this ride out. Details: The Lookout Cafe Biggin Hill Airport for Breakfast / Brunch. After which you are free to do as you please. I may find another coffee stop on the way back if you would like to join me. Please turn up with a full tank of Petrol. Route details: A and B Roads. How to recognise the organiser: I ride a Triumph America. Normally got a camera in my hand or hanging round my neck. I have a Road Captain Patch on my jacket. Alistair. 07517 577119.

Enduropale Juniors 2021 — Finale du CFS 2020/2021



30.01.2021 - 31.01.2021

The UK's only 2 day Extrame Enduro. Come and test your riding, your determination and your machine against top world class riders. Saturday will consist of the qualifying heats to see who lines up in the front row. The qualifying will consist of 2 separate parts, a fire road sprint test (similar to those of the Erzberg Rodeo) and a small extreme test. The main race kicks off Sunday at 10am with riders leaving in rows of 25 for 3, 15 mile laps. The track has been designed to provide a challenging and demanding course for a competent level of riders, while spectator’s will be able to get up close and personal with the riders while helping them find the best lines.

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