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USA to Chile tour

22.08.2023 - 15.11.2023

Let’s tempt you onto our USA to Chile Motorcycle Tour! Leaving Las Vegas, we head south. Entering Mexico and Central America, let’s start in the cooler climes and winding roads of the Sierra Madre. After a stunning ride into Copper Canyon, we head into Mexico’s colonial heartland. There’s time to explore UNESCO city of Zacatecas, and don’t miss the magnificent Mayan ruins of Palenque, which are also on our route. Ride the incredible highlands of Guatemala, with the vibrant market town of Chichicastenango. Volcanoes mark our way in Nicaragua and Costa Rica, as well as beach life. We ride from the Pacific to the Caribbean in two days! Finally, the approach into Panama City over the Bridge of the Americas, signals the end of this part of our journey. It is not quite over yet. You’ll be able to visit the Miraflores Locks of the Panama Canal before heading home. We now have to fly over the Darien Gap to Bogota, Colombia to discover the incredible wonders of South America. We’ll ride north to the UNESCO city of Cartagena in the north of Colombia, then it’s south again through coffee plantations and the jungle covered Andes Mountains to Ecuador. It’s a milestone to cross the Equator here. Peru is crammed with the best twisty roads on the planet and so little traffic! And let’s not forget Lake Titicaca and the iconic Machu Picchu! Northern Chile is home to the Atacama, the driest desert in the world. A great paved road, heads straight through it, with hardly a soul in sight. Crossing into Argentina, salt flats, vineyards and cloud forest await. Our final destination is Chile’s capital city, Santiago is where this great adventure ends. USA to Chile Motorcycle Tour forms Stage 1, 2, & 3 of our Trans Americas Motorcycle Expedition.

INA PAACE Automechanika Mexico Mexico City

10.07.2024 - 12.07.2024

The INA PAACE Automechanika Mexico is a dynamic trade fair and serves as a unique event within Mexico's automotive industry. It occurs annually, showcasing all facets of the industry, including spare parts, repairs, accessories, recycling, disposal, and services. This event congregates professionals from the crafts, workshops, trade, and automotive sectors, including owners and operators, offering them a platform to connect with leading providers of workshop equipment and the automotive supply industry. Interested attendees have the opportunity to stay informed about the latest products and developments through a variety of presentations and informational events conducted by diverse exhibitors throughout the fair.

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