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The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2021 - Recife


Classic & vintage style motorcycles unite for men's health. This year’s event marks our 10th year anniversary. Without the support of all organisers, volunteers, riders, families, friends we would not have achieved the milestone of raising over $27.45m since our first ride in 2012. How To Take Part In 2021: Due to the ever-changing level of restrictions in place in each city and country, the format of The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride for 2021 will vary depending on the location in which each ride will take place. Ride Solo - The ride can't be mass-participation and will follow a Ride Solo model with different ways to engage the local riders. Route Only Ride - The ride component itself will run as per normal with all the COVID-Safe provisions however there will be no start, regroup or end. Normal COVID-Safe Ride - The ride will run as per normal with all the COVID-Safe provisions ensuring it follows local guidelines.

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