Motorcycle events in São Paulo

There will be 2 events in 250km around São Paulo

Nômades do Vento Moto Clube

13.08.2021 - 15.08.2021

Bom dia a todos! Infelizmente, devido a atual situação referente ao COVID-19 e por medidas de segurança para todos, estamos cancelando o nosso evento que iria ocorrer nos dias 14, 15 e 16 de Agosto de 2020. Esperamos que em breve possamos nos reencontrar novamente! Um forte abraço à todos! Atenciosamente, Bicudo Presidente do Nômades do Vento Moto Clube

About Salão Duas Rodas

16.11.2021 - 21.11.2021

Salão Duas Rodas is not only among the three largest motorcycle events in the world, but is also the biggest expression of Motorcycle culture and lifestyle for the B2C and B2B public. The adrenaline running through the veins of those most passionate about Motorbikes also runs through the DNA of the third largest international motorcycle event. As one of the largest shows in the industry, SDR Brazil is guaranteed to be the event with the most and greatest range of experiences in the world in 2021. Decision-makers and end customers will also be driving business in the market at Salão Duas Rodas. As one of the three biggest events on earth, it is the event people think about when they want to see the latest in motorcycles and what's happening in motorcycling, along with accessories and equipment, for an up-close experience with the bikes of their dreams, seeing truly futuristic machines, learning about urban mobility, having fun with family and friends, having a blast test riding motorcycles and finding great entertainment in amazing attractions, Salão Duas Rodas also provides MORE thrills, MORE interaction and MORE experiences.

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